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Hometint Products. At Hometint, we have a wide range of window tint, frost and protective coating products to suit your home or business. Click on the links below for more information.


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What is window tinting film and how does it work ?

Hometint Products. Window film is basically a self-adhesive polyester film that is applied to the interior surface of glass. It’s used as a “retrofit” for existing glass on automobiles, homes and commercial buildings in order to upgrade solar control and safety.

Solar radiation from the sun is divided into 3 components; visible light we can see, and infrared and ultraviolet rays which we can only feel. As solar radiation strikes a piece of glass, window film acts as a “sunscreen” to block harmful UV rays as well as regulates the levels of heat and light passing through the glass. The amount of heat and light rejected is all dependant on the type of window film selected

There are basically two types of window film – non-reflective or dyed films that primarily absorb solar energy, and reflective or metallized films that absorb as well as reflect solar energy.


Diverse Range of Products

The window tinting industry has hundreds of products to suit every situation, at Home Tint we will always assist you to chose the right film for the right job and give you a lifetime guarantee on our work. Hometint Products.


Types of Tint / Film

UV Clear – a clear, invisible film blocking 99% of harmful UV rays. Great for storefronts looking to reduce interior fading and homeowners that don’t want the look of window film but demand UV protection. Hometint Products.


Frost – A semi-transparent film designed for windows where sunlight is desired, but total day and night privacy is needed. Frost is ideal for large bathroom windows, front doors, half-moon windows, and internal office & conference windows and other commercial applications. We offer a wide range of films which provide varying degrees of privacy. These films come in a veriety of colours and patterns – there is sure to be one to suit your needs.


Safety Film – While glass windows in today’s homes, offices and buildings provide a necessary function and aesthetic appeal, they can become extremely dangerous, even deadly, when shattered or broken panes transform into flying “shards” of glass. Natural hazards, accidents and crime all pose potential risks to most glass systems existing today. Protect yourself from flying glass with the added benefit of 99%UV Protection.


Security Film – There is also preventative film that can greatly reduce the risk of human injury and property damage. The durable polymer film construction and tough adhesive bonds to glass, creating a functional “safety net” that holds glass in place at impact and protects your home, office or shopfront from unwanted intruders. Security films are available in clear and tinted finishes.



Popular Brands

NightScape – is probably our most popular film, and is ideal for 90% of homes here in South East Queensland.

As more and more people are using solar control films as part of their total window treatment, new concerns arise around interior light reflection during the evening time affecting normal outside views. Day and nighttime privacy is also an issue as homeowners are uneasy about the ability to look inside a window better than looking out.

The solution is JWF’s NightScape dual reflective films that offer optical clarity while minimizing the harsh reflectivity problems found in other films today. With a unique hybrid construction-a charcoal dyed layer on top of an aluminum metallized film-NightScape will not only provide a soft glare-free view, but will also deliver strong UV ray protection and excellent heat rejection as well.

All NightScape films are protected by Johnson’s CST™ scratch resistant hardcoat.


ScenicView films – Looking to get out of the heat? Well, look no further. Johnson Window Films’ state-of-the-art ScenicView films are dual-reflective and they deliver the highest heat rejection available.

Suitable for dual pane and low-E windows, ScenicView is a hit with architects and designers because its dual reflectivity allows for more optimal day and nighttime views while still providing substantial solar protection. Thus, a home or office tinted with ScenicView receives the best of both worlds-heat, glare and UV ray protection on the inside and a beautiful, unimpaired vision outside the window especially at dusk time.

Plus, our SV10 line is perfect for sun-drenched commercial buildings or homes with higher than normal interior heat gain. This film line provides 82% heat rejection and will create a more comfortable living/working environment in addition to helping lower energy costs.

Best of all, ScenicView will never fade and includes Johnson’s CST™ scratch resistant hardcoat. Hometint Products.


DaylightNaturalis one of the most popular flat glass films on the market today. Designed for both residential and commercial applications, DaylightNatural has a very soft, neutral grey color that blends in well with any interior décor and is designed not to disturb the natural views outside the window.

DaylightNatural is available in five different shades. DN60, DN50 and DN35 lines were developed with the homeowner in mind. These films deliver low interior reflectivity, allowing for a more undisturbed outside view, and are designed to protect interior furnishings from fading by providing strong heat and UV Ray rejection. All three shades are dual pane safe and can be easily installed on today’s popular low energy coated glass.

DN20 and DN15 are darker shades and are very appealing to building owners and property managers. These darker, neutral grey colors blend in well with the natural look of today’s modern glass and perform exceptionally in reducing extreme glare and excessive heat. Hometint Products.


Solar Silver series – The sun is an extremely powerful force, especially in warm weather climates where a strong solar presence is prevalent up to ten months a year. Thus, there are times you’ll need a window film that provides exceptional performance in reducing unwanted solar radiation. Johnson Window Films’ Solar Silver series is the right choice anywhere you encounter excessive heat and glare.

Designed for maximum heat rejection, Solar Silver is a perfect solution for commercial buildings that receive an excessive amount of solar exposure. Its aluminum, metallized construction provides the comfort and protection needed while reducing the sun’s glare that causes unwelcome eyestrain. Additionally, SS films will help balance interior hot spots and deliver cost-efficient energy savings for building managers and homeowners.

With a modern, metallic look Solar Silver films certainly blends in well with factory-tinted glass along with today’s more sophisticated commercial and residential architecture.These films will also never fade and block up to 99% of the harmful UV rays that cause both interior fading and possible health risks. Hometint Products.


Architectural reflective filmsAdding color to a window can really make a difference in the overall aesthetic look of a commercial building or home. Owners and managers of hotels, storefronts and high-rise buildings can literally alter the look of the structures with the simple application of one of JWF’s Architectural reflective films.

There are four different colored reflective films to choose from-blue, green, gold and grey. All of these films offer excellent heat and glare rejection and will do an effective job in lowering overall energy costs.

All Architectural films include Johnson’s CST™ scratch resistant hardcoat and will reduce interior fading of valuable furnishings by blocking up to 99% of harmful UV rays.

The window film world today is not limited to traditional solar control films. Sometimes a window will need a special application film to address a specific issue or concern. Fortunately, Johnson Window Films offers a line-up of Specialty Series films to help respond to unique window treatment situations. Hometint Products.


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